Georgian-American International School “Progress”

“Progress” is school, which

  • Is accredited by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and by College Board of USA
  • Issues Dual Quality Certificates: Georgian and American Diplomas

“Progress” is school, where

  • Students are involved in Georgian and American curriculum programs, STEM (Lab) Education and Business Education
  • Students collect credits and have chance to continue study abroad at the best universities
  • Students are prepared for:

– SAT General

– SAT subjects

– AP – Advanced Placement

– PET, KET, FCE, IEL TS, TOEFL and Goethe Institute (FIT exams)


Participants are awarded by international certificates / diplomas.

√ Science labs, STEM Classes from grade I

√ Small size classes (10-12 students per class)

√ Each subject delivered 8-10 hours per week in order to guarantee the student covers all materials at school.

√ Classes   are fully student-centered and interactive   with presentations, discussion, scientific works, conferences and researches.

√ Foreign students are welcome to study here.

√ Students are eligible to use   English language for academic purposes

√ All students are prepared to take international exams of the Goethe and Cambridge Universities

√Stipend winner students   travel to study in American or German High Schools for one academic year.

Georgian- American School Progress utilizes modern European and American Teaching and learning methods, approaches as well as National ones to achieve maximum academic results.

Tbilisi,  Kutaisi ,  Batumi

TEL: (+995 431) 25 25 09; (+995) 599 90 80 41

Email: gaschoolprogressinfo@gmail.com