Admission policy

Georgian-American school “Progress”    was founded in 2002 by a young, purposeful, motivated and initiative lady, Nino Chikvashvili.

  • Trainer of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia;
  • Recipient of Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program  US Department State and   Montana State University;
  • Doctorate in Education Administration
  •  The mission of Georgian-American school “Progress” is to create a safe and nurturing environment, raise responsible citizens, that understand their rights and obligations towards the family, community and country. Our school teaches students to respect cultural, ethical and opinion diversity, educates them to raise the awareness in order to employ western values and ideals for the benefit of their country.
  • Our school inspires students to pursue the ideals, make a difference, change things for better and be independent, highly motivated and ready to be involved in global academic dialog. In order to accomplish our goals the school community sets an action plan constitution strategies that will ensure our school success. Perfect organizational and constructive management, accountability system, accurately shared obligations, school staff   involvement in the school policy, teachers’ continuing professional development, parents and students’ engagement in school life are those accomplishments determining our school to meet the challenges of the modern world.
  •     Georgian-American school “Progress” offers four levels of educational services: Pre-school (For 4-5 year- old kids) Elementary – school (grades 1-6), Junior high School (grades 7-9) and High -school (grades 10-12).
  • Georgian-American School ‘’PROGRESS’’ Priorities:
  • Georgian- American School Progress incorporates Georgian National curriculum standard as well as European and American teaching and learning methods and approaches;
  • Students of Georgian-American School ‘’Progress’’ obtain dual quality certificate: Georgian and American;
  • Within the American program the students are prepared for:
  • SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) General;
  • SAT subjects;
  • AP-Advanced Placement exams;
  • Our students take international exams annually, file up credits and continue studying in American and European Universities.
  • We provide pleasant, caring, modern and comfortable environment; the school is equipped with new technologies: monitors, projectors, smart boards.
  • Examination Centr (Specially equipped for international exams);
  • European- Georgian-American education in one space.
  • The school offers: summer schools,   international exchange programs in the UK, USA  and Germany.
  • Participants are awarded by international certificates / diplomas.
  • √ Science labs, STEM Classes from grade I
  •  Small size classes (10-12 students per class)
  • Each subject delivered 8-10 hours per week in order to guarantee the student covers all materials at school.
  •  Classes   are fully student-centered and interactive   with presentations, discussion, scientific works, conferences and researches.
  • Foreign students are welcome to study here.
  • Students are eligible to use   English language for academic purposes
  • All students are prepared to take international exams of the Goethe and Cambridge Universities
  • Stipend winner students   travel to study in American or German High Schools for one academic year.

  Georgian- American School Progress utilizes modern European and American Teaching and learning methods, approaches as well as National ones to achieve maximum academic results.

  • Admission request statement to the Director of school
  • The document which verifies student’s ID number, issued by the National Public Registry Agency.
  • 2 Photos ( 3/4)
  • Birth certificate (original)
  • №27 Child’s medical certificate (medical form №27)